Posted in 2024

LVM Snapshot Create / Merge / Rollback

Example use-case: Snapshot Gitlab VM disk before running an upgrade.

Check volume groups and logical volumes:

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Git Sign Commits With SSH

First, make sure that your pubkey is present in Gitlab.

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TIL: Vim Last Opened Files

Vim can show a list of recently opened files:


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TIL: Pycharm Open All Modified Files

Pycharm can open all modified files in new tabs.

Open the “Commit” tool window (Alt+0) and hit F4 on “Changes”:

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TIL: Dockerfile Heredocs

I did not even know that Docker has support for heredocs until today.

Then I read the official blog post from 2021. In my defense: Using this depends on buildkit, which only became default in Docker Engine v23 released in 2023.

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