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TIL: vim K

I was having fun with my Neovim config, but do not know the Lua API at all.

That’s why I was looking to find help for a word under my cursor. Thus, I googled “neovim open help under cursor”. Ingo Karkat delivered on Stackoverflow:

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TIL: Pycharm: Remember Database Query Results

As the docs state:

By default, PyCharm updates the same tab with results each time you run a new query after the previous one. You can change this behavior and create a tab each time you run a new query.

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TIL: KeepassXC never ask

The KeepassXC-Browser extension asks if a domain is allowed to access credentials. I want to skip this dialog, as I always save passwords with a concrete domain. Here’s how (via):

Tools > Settings > Browser Integration > Advanced tab

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TIL: inxi system information

I was looking through the packages supplied by the Tuxedo apt repo:

That’s when I came across inxi.

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TIL: Vim Last Opened Files

Vim can show a list of recently opened files:


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TIL: Pycharm Open All Modified Files

Pycharm can open all modified files in new tabs.

Open the “Commit” tool window (Alt+0) and hit F4 on “Changes”:

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TIL: Dockerfile Heredocs

I did not even know that Docker has support for heredocs until today.

Then I read the official blog post from 2021. In my defense: Using this depends on buildkit, which only became default in Docker Engine v23 released in 2023.

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TIL: Postgres Replication Slots

Replica liest WAL-Segmente. Primary räumt WAL-Segmente auf:

the server might recycle old WAL segments before the standby has received them [1]

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TIL: Monitoring Docker Memory with Limits on Prometheus

One of our CI jobs failed seemingly without any reason. When a Celery job established a new HTTP connection, then its container stopped working. Later on I noticed the following message from docker-compose:

The exit code 137 means that a process was out of memory (OOM). In this case, the celery container had a limit of 2GiB and docker killed it when it went over that. Here is how we define the memory limit in our docker-compose.yml:

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TIL: Thunderbird Keyboard Shortcuts


Thunderbird > Addons: Search “tbkeys”

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TIL: vim docker-compose.yml completion using vim-coc


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TIL: Systemd Journald Cannot Clear the Logs of a Specific Unit

Some logs of my Docker containers got out of hand, so I tried Docker’s Journald logging driver. It did not take long for the log of the service to grow again, but no problem. Here’s the plan:

reconfigure service to be less verbose

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TIL: Grafana Dashboard Link Time Range

If you want to link from one dashboard to another, simply use

For example:

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TIL: Loki LogQL Pattern Matching for uWSGI Logs

Suppose you have log lines like this as uWSGI generates them:

First, let’s show the logs in a “Logs” view and filter them:

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TIL: Prometheus file_sd_configs to Organize Static Scrape Configs

Changes to all defined files are detected via disk watches and applied immediately.

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TIL: git restore by “meh”


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