gigabit WAN#

Vodafone was successful in upselling a faster connection to me. Now we have 1Gbps downstream and 50Mbps upstream. Just yesterday, the modem came by mail.

The Modem#

It’s a CGA6444VF.

There was no WiFi, because that’s ~3€ per month. LOL.

You can disable its firewall, but only for 24 hours. WTF?

Fortunately, there is Bridge-Mode.

Now the modum is yet another dumb box next to my real router running OpenWrt - just how I like it. :)


OpenWrt Routing/NAT Offloading#

When I ran the speed tests, I was underwhelmed. I got about 300Mbps down and 5Mbps up. htop reported load 4. All of the four CPUs were saturated.

Thanks to a post on the OpenWrt forums, I stumbled upon NAT offloading, i.e. using hardware to handle NAT requests. Another poster directed me to the following:


In LuCI:

  • Network > Firewall > General Settings > Routing/NAT Offloading

    • [x] Software flow offloading

    • [x] Hardware flow offloading


OpenWrt says that NAT Offloading is an “Experimental feature. Not fully compatible with QoS/SQM.”


Afterwards I got full speed and the router’s load stayed below 0.1. Nice! 🤓