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git bisect

Given that HEAD is a bad commit and v2.6.13-rc2 is good, start the bisect process:

Next, choose either one of:

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OpenWrt on Linksys EA7300 V2

OpenWrt Table of Hardware Record

Linksys firmware download

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Neovim Spell Checking for Multiple Languages


To enable spelling globally, run

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Brooks’ Law

There is an image in The Bluffer’s Guide to The Mythical Man-Month that fits my mental model of one aspect of Brooks’ Law perfectly.

By increasing the number of people you increase the number of communication channels exponentially.

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Static Sites as Gitlab Review Apps with Caddy

For our book’s page at Grundkurs agiles Software-Engineering we use Sphinx with myst-parser as a static site generator and Gitlab CI to build and deploy.

We use GitLab Review apps to deploy the site on a subdomain, e.g.

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Allow writing to a directory for an unprivileged user using linux acl (setfacl).

Allow the user gitlab-runner to write to /var/www/

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Words Written This Year

The year is coming to an end. I promised myself to write more, so now would be a good time to count things, that is: words. Let’s count words!

I tried a top-down approach a while ago, but it did not work out, because I got side-tracked with technicalities. Let’s try a bottom-up approach this time.

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TIL: Postgres Replication Slots

Replica liest WAL-Segmente. Primary räumt WAL-Segmente auf:

the server might recycle old WAL segments before the standby has received them [1]

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TIL: Monitoring Docker Memory with Limits on Prometheus

One of our CI jobs failed seemingly without any reason. When a Celery job established a new HTTP connection, then its container stopped working. Later on I noticed the following message from docker-compose:

The exit code 137 means that a process was out of memory (OOM). In this case, the celery container had a limit of 2GiB and docker killed it when it went over that. Here is how we define the memory limit in our docker-compose.yml:

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TIL: Thunderbird Keyboard Shortcuts


Thunderbird > Addons: Search “tbkeys”

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A window switcher, application launcher and dmenu replacement

I am still on Ubuntu 20.04, so I only get version 1.5.4

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TIL: vim docker-compose.yml completion using vim-coc


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TIL: Systemd Journald Cannot Clear the Logs of a Specific Unit

Some logs of my Docker containers got out of hand, so I tried Docker’s Journald logging driver. It did not take long for the log of the service to grow again, but no problem. Here’s the plan:

reconfigure service to be less verbose

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Tuxedo Akku Aufgebläht

Stolz habe ich von meinem Tuxedo InfinityBook S 14 - Gen6 berichtet, nachdem wir es vor knapp 1,5 Jahren am 20.09.2021 gekauft hatten.

Vorgestern ist mir dann aufgefallen, dass sich der Akku aufgebläht hat:

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Letsencrypt Wildcard With Hetzner DNS

Example domain:

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TIL: Grafana Dashboard Link Time Range

If you want to link from one dashboard to another, simply use

For example:

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Python Ellipsis

You can use the ellipsis literal ... to show the general structure of some code while keeping it valid Python, e.g.:


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TIL: Loki LogQL Pattern Matching for uWSGI Logs

Suppose you have log lines like this as uWSGI generates them:

First, let’s show the logs in a “Logs” view and filter them:

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TIL: Prometheus file_sd_configs to Organize Static Scrape Configs

Changes to all defined files are detected via disk watches and applied immediately.

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TIL: git restore by “meh”


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