Best Apps Ever#

Unless stated otherwise installation of these applications is as easy as typing:

wajig install <application-name-in-lowercase>


You need wajig for this to work. You can install it with:

sudo apt-get install wajig

Wajig (Package Management)#

Wajig is a friendly front end to Debian’s (and therefore also Ubuntu’s) package system APT (the Advanced Packaging Tool), dpkg, apt-cache, apt-search, …


  1. typing waji<TAB> feels right

  2. getting all available subcommands with wajig <TAB><TAB> is just nice

  3. tab-completion for package-names rocks, e.g. wajig install krus<TAB> :)


Commands like:

wajig install <some-package>

can be substituted with:

sudo apt-get install <some-package>

Note that waji<TAB> ins<TAB><SPACE> <package-name> takes 9 keystrokes while sud<TAB><SPACE> apt-g<TAB> i<TAB> <package-name> needs 13 keystrokes and contains a minus. ;)

If you love clicking around, there are also some graphical apt-frontends.

Krusader (File Manager)#

If you ever used Norton Commander, Total Commander or any other twin panel file manager, then Krusader is for you. It’s the reason I switched from Gnome to KDE (besides great keyboard shortcut capabilities). Check out the screenshots!

Yakuake (Quake Style Console)#

If you like Quake’s Console, then you will love Yakuake. I wrote a skin that integrates nicely with dark (green on black) themes. Enjoy!