Etherpad Lite with PostgreSQL#



Backup and Restore Database#

mkdir /var/backups/pad
sudo -Hu postgres pg_dump pad > /var/backups/pad/`date +%F`.sql
cp settings.json /var/backups/pad/

# git pull or git clone - depends
cp -r /home/pad/ /srv/pad
cd /srv/pad
git pull

/root/devops/root/bin/postgres_create_user_and_db pad2
chown -R pad:pad /srv/pad
cd /srv/pad
sudo -Hu pad npm install pg

sudo -Hu postgres PGDATABASE=pad2 psql < /var/backups/pad/pad.sql

vim settings.json  # user = pad2
sudo -Hu pad bin/

sudo -Hu postgres psql:

\c pad2
alter table store owner to pad2;
alter table v_pads owner to pad2;
alter function public.ueberdb_insert_or_update(character varying, text) owner to pad2;


find better way to set owner - maybe do not export?